Zurich, Switzerland based UAV solutions

Aviotech is a Swiss UAV design bureau specialized in long range and heavy payload drone systems. 
Aviotech provides the most efficient UAV solutions in fields such as autonomous aerial transport, agricultural measurement platforms, cameraflights, surveillance and relay drones. 

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NEWS 2017

AERA 252 series
Range and Payload - modular flexibility - efficiency

Aera is a highly flexible, modular UAV platform using the latest technology in autopilot and fly-by-wire systems. 
While modules for Aera UAVs are highly sophisticated, the Aera system remains easy to use. Any payload and thus application is possible, for example ground or atmospheric measurements, surveillance or transport. 

Like all our products, the Aera 252 series are developed on the professional aviation levels of manned flight. 


Experimental aerobatic RPAS LG35MA on display at ETH Zürich